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Body wraps have been around for quite some time but have really become popular and excepted rather recently. People can use them for detox or weight loss. Body wraps have proven results. There are really two main types of wraps for losing those stubborn inches and both are safe and easy. There are even home kits so you can now follow the process in the comfort of your own home.Do Body Wraps Work?

Your particular individual body type will determine how well the wrap actually works. Your therapist will need to choose the right type of wrap for you whether it is the water loss wrap or the weight loss wrap. Basically the wrap for weight loss works by targeting the lymphatic system using a detox method thus the body will naturally let go of the weight. The water loss body wrap is great for a quick fix, if you have a night out and want to fit in and look good in that new dress. It works by removing the excess water in your body but of course you will put it straight back on within twenty four hours.

The Weight Loss Body Wrap With Clay

If you have the right herbs at home then why not make this wrap yourself. For example try the clay wrap by using four teaspoons of olive oil mixed with half of a cup of herbs that are powdered. Choose herbs that suit your skin type and also mix this with a cup of clay. First, heat two cups of water coupled with quarter a cup of sea salts, once it is dissolved then mix everything together until it forms a paste like substance. Let it cool down a little before you apply it over your thighs and belly.

The Weight Loss Body Wrap with Essential Oils

This is another type of wrap that you can do in the comfort of your own home. It is as easy as the previous wrap mentioned. First mix together and heat two cups of water with quarter a cup of sea salt. As soon as it has dissolved take it off the heat and add half a cup of herbs which have been powdered and one cup full of clay, mix all this together. At the end add half a table spoon of chamomile oil, half a table spoon of rosemary oil and half a table spoon of lavender oil. Once it has cooled down enough then you can apply this to the problem areas of your body.

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