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Where Did the Extra Pounds Come From?

Many people do not know how did they gain their body weight. They have difficulties when trying to pinpoint when did the process start. That is why people have troubles with losing weight in the first place. In order to get fit, one needs to know how did she or he get overweight. There are numerous reasons behind the extra pounds. Gaining weight, besides malnutrition, is connected with an inactive lifestyle, metabolism changes connected with aging, or some emotional issues or complexes having as their side-effect excessive eating.

Overweight Becoming the Standard

Unfortunately, due to extremely unhealthy eating habits and the daily grind forcing people to such a lifestyle, there is no avoidance to being overweight, if you plan on working and supporting yourself and your family. For these reasons, people have somewhat standardized their excessive weight and there are less and less individuals being fit and in healthy physical condition. However, people should bear in mind that all the way up to 40 years of life, one may make some changes regarding his or her body weight. Afterwards it will only be harder, or any efforts futile. It goes without saying that midnight snacks, alcohol, coffee and cigarettes only make things worse.

An ongoing issue getting more severe by the year, is child obesity. Namely, parents do not pay that extra attention to their children's weight, allowing them to eat more than they should, without realizing that they are possibly putting a life-long burden upon them. Obese children most often grow to be overweight or obese adults. This kind of lifestyle grows on them, and it is hard to motivate them to change it, let alone leave most of their eating habits and choose something completely different. Unfortunately, in most cases, this is a necessary step for getting fit.

Some people do not change their healthy eating habits, but, rather, through time, their metabolism does. This is a awkward state of affairs each of us is prone to, while reaching the second half of our lives. Pregnancy, hormonal changes and many other conditions trigger weight gain hard for us to cope with.

Possible Complications

First and foremost comes hypertension, or high blood pressure. This illness goes hand in hand with obesity, since cholesterol is one of the main triggers of it. In order to be treated, people need to lose significant amounts of their excessive body weight, making the healing process hard and long-lasting.

Secondly, diabetes, unless genetically inherited, is mostly connected to obesity. Having excessive body weight may also trigger this illness in older age. In these cases, losing weight is the best medicine. Finally, there is high cholesterol which often goes hand-in-hand with the two complications mentioned above.

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