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Cortisol– Weight Gainer?

Whenit comes to cortisol and its effects, in the recent time there has been morethan plenty of talk, which had more of a negative connotation. Namely, up untilknow it has been believed that limiting the overall levels of the substancein question is the surest way to control the weight gain, as well as to ward off that excessive and unwanted body fat. It is exactly out of thisreason that certain supplements (e.g. CortiSlim) have been intensively promotedand advertised as the best cortisol based excessive weight curbers.


Cortisolis actually a hormone that is made by the adrenal cortex – gland situated inthe area right above the kidney. Among its most vital functions are thoseconcerning the blood pressure regulation, as well as the regulation of thelevels of sugar in the blood and it is extremely effective in reduction of anyoccurring inflammations. Despite the fact that this hormone is among thosethat are excreted on a regular and daily basis, greater quantities are usuallyexcessively excreted as a direct response to the presence of stress. The mainreason why this hormone gets to be produced in far greater amounts than usuallyin stressful moments, is that it aids our body in coping much better with themomentary circumstances. One of the techniques it employs to accomplish this isby transforming the available proteins into glucose, which is then used as anadditional fuel by the body. The direct consequence of this is the blood sugarand blood pressure rise in levels.

The “Why”

Oncethe levels of this hormone experience an increase in the levels, as aresponse to the occurring stress, causing the levels of sugar in blood toincrease, the glucose, which is at that moment regarded as surplus, startspilling up in the form of fats once the stressful period is over. This ofcourse can lead but only to one thing, and that is gaining weight. The cardalmost all manufacturers of cortisol play on is to make you believe that theweight gain is actually due to and a direct consequence of the stress,psychological in nature, as well as a direct consequence of the rise in theproduction of cortisol itself. And of course, what they mean and indirectlyimply is that by curbing the cortisol production by means of their products you will be able to curb the piling up of additional pounds as well.

Ingeneral, there is almost no room for doubt when it comes to the fact thatexcessive cortisol levels do lead to piling up of excessive weight, but, on theother hand, the quantity of this hormone that is excreted as a direct result of the intense stress are most likely not even close to onset any significant gain inweight. Those who do experience weight gain are people who suffer from oneparticular disease known as the Cushing’sSyndrome (adrenal cortex loses control in producing cortisol).

Inthe end, the evidence for the effectiveness of cortisol blockers is scant, andit is also considered that entire excessive weight gaining is actually due toincreased levels of this hormone, let alone that it can be “cured” by means ofsuch medicines as cortisol blockers.

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