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Most people struggle to lose weight and have a lot of success in their attempts to eat healthy and in smaller quantities. However, some people may have even more troubles with gaining weight. It may seem very easy to grab some fast food and sugars and saturate your body with calories that will eventually turn into fat and muscles. As in any other type of special diet, weight gain diet should not be unhealthy. The ultimate goal is not only to gain weight but also to achieve healthy change through fast and lasting weight gain. One of the most common problems for skinny people is their loss of appetite. For all those people with low appetite this can be a serious problem. Sometimes it is caused by an underlying medical condition but most commonly, an individual can do much about it and improve the overall health. Here are some of the best tips for increasing the appetite.

Look at the causes

It is important to know what causes the loss of appetite. Check for other symptoms of any medical problems or consider your previous medical history. Think about your lifestyle and consider if you have been under a lot of stress, or if you are eating healthy. It may come as a surprise but even a vitamin deficiency may cause severe changes of appetite.


Try to take your time for meals. At least 30 minutes of relaxed eating and enjoying the food is often all you need to get back to the normal. Another important thing to avoid is drinking before meals. Even a glass of water can make a person feel full before starting to eat. Physical exercise

Most of the people who are trying to gain weight are also trying to avoid being physically active, as they believe this will burn some extra calories and obstruct their plan for weight gain. However, exercise is proven to increase appetite since the burning of the calories stimulates the body and encourages the individual to eat more and replenish the used energy. The only important thing is to stick to the simple equation: eat more calories than you can burn.

Vitamins and minerals

Some of the vitamins are well-known appetite boosters. For example, vitamin B increases the need for food and often leads to slight weight gain. If you are willing to gain weight, make sure to ingest around 100mg of vitamin B daily. You should also supplement zinc, in quantities of about 80mg; to increase appetite and improve the way food tastes in the mouth.

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