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Despite the fact that many peopletoday regard such procedures as placing of the dental implants quiteunobtrusive and highly successful in all the cases, this is, unfortunately, not so. Namely, the truth is that a substantialnumber of procedures does turn out wrong and unsuccessful, whichmakes it one of the fairly common occurrences today.

Ofcourse, dentists are not the sole individuals to be blamed, for evenin those cases when the prescribed procedure is adhered to, somethingcan go out of control, thus producing unfavorable and unsatisfactoryend results. One of the most prominent reasons for this is a highlyunpredictable nature of our bodies, which renders just about anyprocedure never quite hundred percent sure. However, in quite a lotof cases, the aforementioned procedures are not followed, and it is insuch cases that extremely awkward and harmful consequences occur.

Forall those people who have had the misfortune of undergoing anunsuccessful dental implantation procedure, regarded as one of the best and most effective solutions is paying Dr. Chal (facialcollapse and dental implant failure specialist) a visit.

Typesof dental non-accomplishments

Allthe instances of dental failures can be safely put into four distinctcategories, which go as follows:

Infections – occur if fixtures get fixed improperly or if inadequate technique is employed.Loose implants – substandard fixtures, as well as implants exposed to heavy loads too early or those placed in a bone that lacks solidness, will lack solidness themselves.Nerve damage – in case such a method as three-dimensional radiographic is not employed, it becomes quite easy to put the fixtures in a location where they would encroach nerves that run all the way through the person's jaw.Puncture of other body cavities - fairly frequently there are cases in which, mostly due to improper placing, implants have perforated sinuses, as well as mandibular lingual space, and sometimes even the person's nose, thus causing quite severe problems to the person in question.

Culpritsto steer far away from

Thoseculprits and factors that can bring about the complete failureinclude such as shortcutting of the diagnostic phase, inadequatemedical history, improper dental implant fixtures and last but notthe least, incorrect placement of the dental implants. If most acuteand close attention is not paid to the aforementioned factors, aperson in question can end up with far more severe problems thanhe/she has started with in the beginning.

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