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A Heavy Burden

Obesity, through recent years, hasbecome one of the most common health problems in the Westerncountries. There are more and more people, especially children, whosebody mass index excessively breaches the values considered normal.Rather, obese people have extra layers of fat, increasing their bodyweight significantly, making them prone to various healthcomplications and making them too big to care for themselvesadequately.

There is an alternative state, calledmorbid obesity, where the body weight of an individual has reached alevel so high, that the health of this person is seriouslyendangered. Diabetes type 2, heart problems, cancer and various otherissues, all stem from this type of obesity.

Obesity and morbid obesity, if we areto talk about reasons behind these conditions, stem from an unhealthylifestyle and an overindulgence in the wrong types of food. Thus,basically, it is a state caused by malnutrition, followed by extremeovereating.

The Global Problem

Even though obesity has been a problemof Western countries for quite some time now, recently, it hasstarted spreading all around the world. Therefore, with the rise insome countries' standards, we have people who eat out a lot and eatunhealthy food in the process, becoming obese.

This is a problem which is oftenneglected and left to rise, regardless of the consequences. Thenumber of obese people in the US has risen to 30% of the adultpopulation, a huge amount of children also being affected.

Therefore, various scientific companieshave started battling this disease, trying to find medications whichwill control one's weight. Recently, they have discovered a plantextract which negates all the fat a person ensured through his/herlast intake. Thus, we are to wait and see if this will be successful.

Nevertheless, the rest is up to theobese individuals. Namely, no one becomes obese by doing nothingagainst it. You need to lead a healthy life with a lot of exercisingand eating healthy food. When people lead sedentary lives, with noexercise at all, feasting on junk food on a daily basis, they arelikely to become obese before they even notice it. The food industryhas never been this ruthless and the fast food we consume has reachedthe peak of it unhealthiness. So, be careful, concentrate on eatinghealthy and introduce regular physical exercise into your lives.

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