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Is there such thing as too thin?

Every appearance of the word "weight" is almost always connected with two words that precede it: "too much". True enough, we live in a world of obese people and weight loss has become an obsession that runs an entire industry. However, there are people on the other end of the scale. These are people who would like to gain some weight. Reasons for this vary. Maybe they feel too thin, or they would like to put on some mass for a more specific reason, like for better performance in sports that they pursue.


Why are people thin? We might think of two immediate reasons. First is that they do not eat enough, like those skinny super models. Second is that they have high metabolism, like those lucky people you know, those that can eat anything, in any quantity, and still stay thin. There is another reason, and that would be a medical condition, such as, disturbed function of thyroid gland, or something even worse. Therefore, if you wish to put on some weight, do a medical check-up and see if there is any physical cause that prevents you from gaining weight or that makes you so thin.


You can try to gain weight in two ways, but just one of them is right. It is a process that alters your body, and should be gradual. Just as there are get-thin-instantly fads, there are get-mass-quick fads.

Also, remember that gaining mass does not equal becoming fat. Nobody needs excess fat. Goal of weight gain plans is to gain muscle mass, not to remodel yourself into a blob of unhealthy lard by means of a junk food diet.Yours is to stay focused and go easy. This is how it should be done.


Principal idea behind weight gain is to intake more than you burn. This means that you add more calories to your diet. Remember that you should continue to eat healthy foods. Just increase your portions. Check on some good weight loss plan and apply the opposite of tips and tricks mentioned there. In example, dress your salads with something caloric, or grab a snack between meals. But, if you have problems with appetite, skip snacks, as these might make you feel stuffed. Also, remember to exercise - it helps to build muscle mass, and it opens up appetite, and remember to rest, because muscles are made after the exercise.

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