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A Remarkable Theory

Recent researches have come to anamazing discovery. Namely, it has been proven that people who tend tomove some body parts nervously most of the time, either influenced bystress or some other causes of mental discomfort are likely to burncalories even when they are doing nothing else. Therefore, thistheory implies that those who sit still and do nothing will not burncalories, while those who simply cannot sit calmly but have to movetheir fingers, legs and other body parts, will most certainly be morefit because of this. Bering that in mind, all those who had somethingagainst people prone to fidgeting may now think twice since, on thelong run, they will have significantly healthier bodies than thosewho prefer not to jump around when they are calmed and relaxed.

How Is This Possible?

Numerous tests have confirmed thatpeople who are prone to fidgeting lose more calories than those whoare not. Thus, if, for example, two people are standing next to oneanother, one being absolutely still, while the other being prone totapping feet to the ground, moving hands a lot or switching weightfrom one leg to another, the latter will definitely burn much morecalories. Additionally, people who fidget a lot, often remain slimand fit during most of their lives. Therefore, obese people rarelyfidget. Finally, fidgeting is a habit remaining constant throughoutone's life. Thus, those who are prone to it while they are young willprobably be prone to it when they get older as well, regardless oftheir body weight.

Use Fidgeting for Losing Weight

Now that we have discovered theimportance of fidgeting and its benefit to one's health, it is clearthat this action can bring only good. Therefore, whenever your handsare doing nothing but resting on your lap, try to motivate yourselfto start playing drums on your knees. You may use the desk oranything else around you for this purpose. Also, whenever you hearmusic, make sure you swing your head, following the rhythm, the tapingyour feet as it goes. Playing air guitar and swinging, even whenthere is no music can be extremely helpful. All in all, it is best toreserve the state of being calm and immobile to when you aresleeping. For all other occasions, it is best to move your body partsat all times. Even though most of the people still interpretfidgeting as an act of nervousness, after reading this, they too willsurely join you in your incredibly healthy restlessness.

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