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The Disease of Modern Age

Obesity is known to be the ever-growingproblem of the world nowadays, both with adults and with children.Junk food, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of exercise and many otherproblems lead to abnormal gain of the body weight, potentially beingdangerous for your health. However, lifestyle is not always connectedwith being obese. Rather, an extremely overweight person may sufferfrom some kind of a hormonal imbalance or, perhaps, an underlyingdisease. All these, and many others may influence one's body weight.Nevertheless, once obese, you are prone to numerous other healthproblems, some more severe than the others.

Obesity Jeopardizing Health

First and foremost, those who are obeseare likely to die before those who are not. This terrifying fact hasplenty of arguments to support itself since there are numerousdifferent types of health problems capable of shortening the life ofan obese person.

Heart and blood pressure problems aredirectly triggered by the high levels of cholesterol the obese havein their system. Therefore, they might suffer from a heart attack,chest pain and various other diseases and conditions. With heartproblems comes diabetes, and people with excessive body weight aremore than prone to it.

Being obese makes many of yourrespiratory organs under constant pressure. This might lead tovarious breathing problems which may potentially cause serious risksto your health. This extra pressure is applied on the joints as well,giving way to developing osteoarthritis or similar diseases affectingboth your joint and your bones.

Next comes gout. Namely, obese peoplehave increased chances of having their uric acid in their joints,causing this condition. Also, this might be triggered by an abruptchange in diet. Thus, before making these changes, consult with yourdoctor and see whether it may be a dangerous step or not.

The list becomes more and more grim asit continues, and there are plenty more things capable of harmingobese people. Cancer is probably one of the most serious ones. Manydifferent types of cancer are more likely to develop with obesepeople than anyone else.

Additionally, besides the obvioustroubles related to body movement and coordination, obese people maysuffer from kidney stones, gallstones and various bladder diseases,due to the high levels of fat in their organism. Moreover, excessiveweight triggers excessive estrogen production, making obese malesprone to infertility. This also causes menstrual and other hormonalproblems in women as well.

Due to stretching and lack of movement,skin of an obese person is jeopardized as well, since numerousproblems may affect it.

Children may suffer from numerousdeformations and health problems due to their obesity too. Thus, payattention to your child's health and diet. Finally, most obese peopleare bound to suffer from depression, low self-esteem, or some otherpsychological factors interfering with their proper functioningtowards the rest of the society.

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