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How to tell when you are Obese?

Apart from the obvious factors whichare visible and more or less straightforward, obesity is confirmed bythe different measurements. The first is your body mass index whilethe second is the size of your waistline. The latter is veryimportant, since for every height a person has, there is a differentwaistline he/she should have in order not to be obese. We are allproportional in a way, and abnormalities in these proportions mayonly signify bad nutrition. Obesity is the main cause of manydifferent illnesses and countless people die every year due to theirweight problems. Thus, paying attention to your weight and modifyingit so that your waistline signifies ideal measures is crucial foryour overall well-being.

How Is This Done?

The first thing you need to do is tostand straight with your heels close to each other. Then bend to yourside, since, this way you will reveal your natural waist. Take themeasuring tape and place it just above your hipbone around yourwaist, paying attention neither to keep it too tight nor to lose. Also,make sure the tape is parallel to the floor below you. Once you havedone all this, make sure you relax yourself, take a deep breath, letit go slowly, and, once you exhale, measure your waistline.

How to Interpret Measures?

Well, there is a general and moreprecise rule. The former says that men should not have a waistlinelonger than 40 inches, while, for women these numbers should notexceed 35 inches. However this greatly depends on one's height sincethis factor influences a person's figure significantly.

In average, women who are 5 feet and aninch tall should have an ideal waistline of 24 inches. Then, forevery two inches of height, the waistline is expected to be longer,spreading up to 25 inches for women who are 5 feet and 5 inches tall,all the way to 28 inches for women whose height reaches 6 feet. So,organize your measurements for everything in between, based on thislogic.

As for men, starting from 25 feet and 5inches of height their waistline should not be more than 28.5 inches.On the other hand if they are 6 feet and 4 inches tall a waistline of35 inches is optimal. Thus, for every inch of one's height, about 0.5inches are added.

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