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A large percentage of today’s population, especially in the Western world, is obese. Being in this condition is very dangerous since obesity can easily lead to numerous health problems. Some of many health issues obese people should be afraid of are diabetes and stroke. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of your body weight through proper nutrition and an appropriate lifestyle.

Troublesome Facts Regarding Obesity

Smoking is the number one killer when it comes to preventable diseases troubling people all over the planet. However, obesity is close behind, taking the second place on the same list. In fact, nowadays, most people are not leading physically active lives and their diets are not healthy at all, consisting of fatty, refined food. All in all, our lives are making us overweight and obese.

Numerous nations have more than 20% of their population clinically obese. What is more, the other half is overweight. Children who have obese parents often grow to be obese themselves. For example, there are more than 27% of UK children who are overweight. Unfortunately, these numbers are constantly rising.

What is Obesity?

Basically, obesity is a case of imbalance between the calories we provide our body through our diet and the calories we burn through various means of physical activity. Thus, obesity and adequate body weight are measured through body mass index, which is our weight in kilograms divided by our height in meters squared.

Most obese people are such due to lack of exercise. However, this disorder can also be genetic, even though these cases are not quite common. Either way, your ideal weight depends greatly on numerous factors including your age, sex, height as well as bone and muscle size.

Ideal Body Weight

According to our body weight index, if its value is below 18.5, we are underweight. Having your body index value between 25 and 30 means that you are overweight while crossing 40 means being obese. Obese and overweight people should give their best to lose weight, since otherwise they will be facing diabetes, high blood pressure, vision and breathing problems, gallbladder disease etc.

Simply, in order to reach your ideal body weight, you need a regular workout routine and a healthy diet. Surely, there are certain drugs which can help you lose weight, but it is best to consult your doctor before taking these.

Reductil and Xenical are the most popular drugs of this type, given only after being prescribed by a doctor. Nevertheless, if you desire to lose weight naturally, all you need to do is to change your lifestyle to a healthier one, eat the right food and burn enough calories to balance your diet correctly.

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