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Age and Body Weight

Obesity is a very serious problem ofmodern society in general. Due to their working hours and otheractivities, the people are unable to establish some healthy and regulareating habits. Rather, they tend to eat fast food and junk food moreoften than tolerable. This reflects onto their body, increasing theweight of it and easily leading to obesity. What is more, more andmore children get obese for this specific reason, lack of adequatecuisine and a proper diet. Therefore, the children who are obese getdepressed and teased by their peers, having troubles losing thoseextra pounds they gained so easily. In their tendencies to loseweight, these children may cause numerous eating disorders,jeopardizing their health. Thus, for all these, and many morereasons, it is necessary to be aware of the adequate weight connectedto specific age and other qualities of a human being. By knowingwhich is your ideal weight, it will surely be easier for you to reachit and maintain it throughout certain parts of life.

How To Solve This Problem?

First and foremost, there are numerousdifferent factors regarding a child's optimal weight. We must takeall of these into consideration. Namely, a child who is taller thanothers may be less developed in the shoulders or other thingscontributing to a person's dimensions. Therefore, height is not asingle matter of concern. Also, even though two children look thesame physically, in regard of shape of their bodies, one may stillhave thicker bones, thus, reasonably, weighing more.

This is where your body mass index getsinto consideration. While, when determining adequate body weight inchildren or teenagers, we look at his or her current weight, age,gender and height. As for adults, only height and current weight areimportant.

Calculate Your Body Mass Index

In order to know your ideal bodyweight, you are to calculate it using body mass index charts. Thereare different ones for children and adults. Thus, all below the ageof 20 are to take the children ones, due to the differences incalculation formulas. At the end of the testing, if the child'spercentage of body mass index results in 80, that would mean that heor she weighs more than 80% of his or her peers. A result of 85 wouldmean danger of becoming overweight while more that 95 is a state ofbeing obese. On the other hand, everything lower than 5 indicates achild's extremely low weight. So, if you feel your weight isinadequate for your age, gender or height, feel free to do somethingabout it. Seek professional help, have yourself examined anddetermine your ideal weight. After that, try to achieve it andprovide your body the best conditions for this task.

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