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Why the size of your waist can save your life

It is very important to keep the weight within the normal range. That is one of the elements that create a healthy organism. Why and how can the size of your waist save your life? This is something people who start gaining weight do not think much about until the accumulated extra weight is too much for handling. In those moments, obese person have to decide how to eliminate the extra pounds quickly and naturally.


Increased weight can induce several medical problems, of which heart issues and diabetes are the most problematic. Heart issues can result in a stroke, a life threatening situation that should be avoided as long as possible. Diabetes is presented with problems regarding the glucose levels in the bloodstream and the inability of cells to absorb that glucose. There are also other problems caused by obesity and those are lack of energy, decreased libido, weakened immune system, loss of self-confidence etc. Obviously, obesity will change a person’s life and that is why it should not be allowed for those excessive pounds to pile up in the body.


Some experts say that measuring waist might be more accurate for determining the obesity level than levels of BMI. Waist is measured just below the belly button and it differs for men and women. Men should be worried if the waist is higher than 40 inches, while this number is set at 35 for women. From this point on, people should be very careful when it comes to the weight of the body. So, what can be done for reducing those waist numbers?

Exercises and diets

First thing to know is that nothing should be strict and rigorous! This is a mistake that many people make, thinking that losing weight is something very hard and difficult so they quit without even trying. When it comes to exercises, an activity of about 45 minutes daily is more than enough for burning all the calories taken through food and even some more. This activity can be a walk, slow jogging, some light home workout, even some house chores can be used for fat burning. Of course, if a person feels that this is not enough, additional measures should be taken, such as some exercising plan, which should be made in order to affect the fat and muscles more.

As for dieting, people should be focusing on healthy meals with a lot of fruits, vegetables and a lot of water, while junk food should be taken minimally, if at all. Also, there should be more meals with relatively small amounts of food. This also affects the waist, because less food is processed quickly and that reduces the diameter of intestines and also the diameter of the entire belly, which is the desired goal.  

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