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Risks involved in being overweight are the extremely serious. Extra pounds are dangerous because they increase the possibility of heart disease, stroke, cancer, gout, coronary heart disease, hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Some studies show that excess weight is one of the ten leading causes of death in America. Obese people commonly have high levels of cholesterol that circulates through the blood stream building up dangerous fatty plaque that keeps narrowing the arteries and thus leading to serious health conditions. Arthritis, lower back problems and sleep apnea are all very common in obese people.


Waist measures in females should not be over 35 inches. Men should not exceed the measure of 40 inches. If these measurements are exceeded, people are more probable to develop all of the fat related diseases. Waist-to-hip measurement is another good way to determine risk factors. The waists perimeter at it smallest is divided by the hip size at its widest. A man’s sum should be less than 0.95 and less than 0.8 for women.


Genetic heritage might be a mild factor in developing obesity. If that is the case, medical check is advised to diagnose possible health complications. Health care providers should develop a continuing program of healthy dieting and regular exercise.However, lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle are most common causes of obesity. Unbalanced calorie diet, many empty calories and the excessive use of carbohydrates are serious factors. Avoiding fat will not help one to avoid being fat. Most likely, too many calories come from over eating high calorie, low fat and fat-free snack foods.

Tips for losing weight

Good balance of healthy diet and aerobic exercise is going to help losing weight. Good starting point might be to write down all the foods and its calorie content, daily. This should be counted at the end of the week to see the actual quantity of calories one takes. Next step should be to balance the calorie intake and get physically active.

Changes should be introduced slow and easy. One pound per week is the most desirable starting tempo. Losing too much weight at once may lead to losing muscles, which is a bad thing. Having muscles means that body needs more energy so it will burn more fats and diet will be more efficient.

Diet should include a lot of the whole-grains, fruits, vegetables and water. It is important to keep away from low fat or fat free products on the market because they might get one into the mode of overeating by consuming too many calories but hardly any fats.

Exercise should be an enjoyable daily routine. One may embed it into life by using the stairs instead of the elevator, walking instead of using the means of transportation, taking long and relaxing walks… 30 minutes to an hour of exercise performed every day is enough to get slim and healthy very quickly.

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