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Practical guide on natural acne treatments

Acne may be a real problem for some teenagers, affecting their self-esteem and changing their personality. Usually, these skin issues disappear in the 20s, but in some cases, acne could stay after the teen days well into the adulthood. Some adult people who hadn’t experienced acne while they were kids may also feel these problems on their skin. Acne vulgaris (as the doctors call acne) is not caused by bad hygiene of your skin, but most likely by the hormonal changes. Adolescents go through drastic changes of their hormonal status, which intensively affects their skin and sebaceous glands in the skin, leading to the formation of red spots, blackheads and whiteheads and also scaling of the skin.

Anti-Acne Products

On the market, you may find many OTC (over the counter) and prescription drugs for acne. They are specially designed to cure the existing problem and stop the new acne from emerging. The amount of money spent on the anti-acne product, great commercial or even the fact it helped some of your friends won’t mean anything. Still, some products may work, some may not. Your skin type, age and many other factors will contribute to the efficacy of the acne products.

Some of the recommended products may contain antibiotics. Dermatologists may also advise you to use some creams or lotions that contain gluconic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid or azelaic acid. If the condition of your skin is very severe, your doctor may recommend using the creams with Sotret or Accutane.

However, many are reluctant to use chemical products on their skin and would like to avoid that. For those against chemical, as well as for those who would like to save some hard earned cash, there are some household substances that could be used to fight acne.

The good thing is that if they don’t work – you can always consult your doctor and take some of the prescription medications.

Change Your Diet and Lifestyle

What you eat always affects your skin. Natural acne treatments also include the use of proper vitamins and other supplements in your diet. Some of the best known supplements for your skin contain zinc and vitamin A and vitamin B6, because they have been proven to assist people suffering from acne in their treatment.

Try to relieve the stress in your life. If there is nothing you can do to work under different circumstances, massages and physical activity may certainly help a lot. It will help you to cure acne and also keep you fit and healthy.

Herbal supplements and skin care products containing natural ingredients are also advised for people with acne problems. Cleavers and yellow dock are just some of the herbal ingredients recommended for acne treatment.

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