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There are different vitamins andminerals that can help you maintain your mental help or treat mental conditionsyou may have. The most efficient vitamin for your nervous system is vitamin Band minerals that are helpful are zinc and magnesium. These substances affectnot only your nervous system but general health as well. They maintain anatural hormonal balance in our body and affect the production ofneurotransmitters necessary for the transmission of the information through ourbrain and body. If there is a lack of some of these minerals and vitamins itcan lead to change in the amount of neurotransmitters and it can be felt as amental disorder such as depression or some other condition. Of course we donot experience it as a reduction of necessary substances but we feel thatsomething is wrong whit us.


B vitamins are essential for thebrain and nervous system functioning, and if there is a lack of vitamins thatbelong to this group, we experience it as psychological problem. If B vitaminsare present in our body in much lower amount it can lead to threatening mentalconditions like deep depression. Vitamin B complex includes Thiamine or vitaminB1, riboflavin or B2 and other B vitamins where vitamin B12 is also verysignificant. They all have different functions in our body. Lack of thiaminecan result in depressive behavior and thoughts anxiety disorders andexcitability. The practice has shown that individuals suffering frommental conditions especially from alcoholism and unbalanced diet, have lack ofthiamine. Riboflavin is associated with psychotic disorders depressivecondition and hysteria. Both riboflavin and thiamine are needed for productionof certain types of enzymes which are beneficial for our central nervoussystem. Vitamin B12 is also important for our mental well-being and the lack ofthis substance can lead to depression, cognitive dysfunctions and psychoticconditions. The supplement of vitamin B complex is very effective in treatmentof mild mental conditions. We are not certain if it can help in the treatmentof psychosis because supplements are not generally used to treat these conditions.However it wouldn’t hurt for patients to take these supplements along with themedical therapy they are already using. Vitamin C is necessary for theforming of neurotransmitter called serotonin, which positively affects ourstate of mind and keeps us in good humor. If we don’t have enough serotonin inour brain, we can become sad and depressed.


Zinc affects function ofthe thyroid gland and the lack of zinc can lead to sadness and evenproblems with behavior. Magnesium is extremely important to our body particularly when we are under the stress. There is a variety of minerals thatcan be used to improve mental health. Even if you are not suffering from anyillness you can use these supplements for prevention.

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