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Addiction is a great problem and there are so manymisconceptions surrounding the reasons for the creation of this problem. Thereare people who think that a chemical reaction in the body, which occurs whenwe consume some substance, causes the addiction and not the substance itself.But this theory ends in a dead-end when we consider the shopping and gamblingaddictions, since this involves no chemical reactions within the human body.However, there is no doubt that the stimulus from the surrounding area is responsible for the creation ofthe chemical reaction in the body. So, the addiction is not addicted to the actof shopping or gambling, but to the feeling it creates. Chemicals reactions will happen when chemicals enter our organism and this isnatural. There are actions that provide some sort of reward for braincenters. Some of them are feeling when we love, when we exercise, or when weare praised. Addiction might occur if we want to eliminate some worry or stressand in order to do this we use food, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, which causeaddiction. This addiction can be eliminated only if a person's self-esteem levelsare increased, which will make them feel well in their skin and they will not requireany stimuli from the surrounding to feel this way. Risks of addiction among specific persons are very hard to calculate, but some saythat there is something called addictive personality. Social factors aremaybe crucial in this situation, so if persons from your surrounding smoke oruse drugs, the chances are high that you will do the same as well. There are otherfactors for creation of addiction, like escape from a lack of structured lifeor over structured life. The addiction will aggravate because the body becomes accustomed to thechemicals causing the addiction. So, since you always have these chemicals inyour body, you will slowly get used to them and you will have to take more ofthese chemicals to create the same effects. This can lead to so many problems, particularly mental and physical.


But there is a solution. If motivation and will to eliminateany addiction from a person’s life exists, the resolution can be found. Theproblem can be eliminated in total by following some steps. Patients have to knowhow their lives suffer due to addiction. The positive triggers are introducedwhile the past negative are eliminated. Habits are controlled by certain areaof the brain, which can be corrected with the use of hypnosis.

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