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Cancer is a condition that includes changes on a cellular level. These changes emerge in the process of cell multiplication thanks to many various factors. This means that there is a large number of cells which are not properly structured, without any function or role in the body. Multiplication of these malign cells is intensified, and it happens faster than with normal cells, so in a relatively short time, a large number of these malign cells is produced. So, what are types of cancers- risk factors and treatment?


Cancer inducing factors can be divided into inner and outer. Outer include environmental factors, while inner factors are related to the organism itself. Under the influence of outer factors, if there is a physical force that induces creation of malign cells, then we are talking about physical factors. Mechanical force such as physical trauma (punch, fall etc.) can also increase the speed of those cells. There are also chemical factors, substances that can be found everywhere, even in the food. Outer substances include oil derivatives, products of combustion and other. For example, people who work at gas and oil stations are at higher risk of becoming attacked by this malign condition (especially prostate, when it comes to men).

Outer factors also include aluminum hydroxide, which can be found in some deodorants. Chemical substances in food are additives that produce artificial flavors and prolong the expiry date. Accumulation of these additives might lead to the creation of malign cells. Various pesticides and herbicides used in industry also increase the risk of emerging of malign cells, which is why growing natural, organic fruits and vegetables is the trend in the world lately.


Tumors are divided into benign and malign. Benign tumors on cellular level are not so undefined and have a certain function and role. Growth of these cells is literally limited because of a sort of membrane in certain areas in the body. Malign tumors on cellular levels have a lot of mutated cells, which are big, undefined, without any purpose. The development of malign tumor has four stages: tumor which is limited only to the affected organ, malign tumor which breached the area of the affected organ, malign tumor which affects the entire organ, and regional lymphatic nodes, and the final stage malign tumor which started to spread on the neighboring organs in the form of metastasis.

Best treatment of cancer is prevention or early diagnosis, which will allow a complete recovery. Methods for dealing with cancer include radiation, cytostatics and surgical removal of the affected organ.

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