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Balanced skin has 5.5 acidity level on the pH scale, which is a level that provides certain protection for the skin due to the bacteria from the surrounding environment that want to enter our body. Also, this level of acidity will fight against the bacteria located on your skin. The skin's balanced pH level is controlled by the sebaceous glands and this is done via production of sweat and oil. The oil production will have to be altered once the pH level is off balance and this is done with the intervention by the sebaceous glands, which corrects the problem.

Causes of Oily Skin

Androgens and hormones are those that cause the oily skin, but only when they are overactive. Sebaceous glands and androgens are related directly and excess oil is the product of the overstimulated androgens. This can be caused by imbalances in the human body, which is one of the reasons why treatment for the acne problem is very hard to find. Each skin is different and so we have so many acne products that eliminate acne among some people, while they are totally inefficient among others. So, one single product for treating acne cannot be effective for every case of acne. A neuropath has to be seen so that the imbalances in your body are found and eliminated. This cannot be done by the A.G.P. because they do not have the equipment and knowledge needed. Like you have seen, imbalances in the body can be seen on your skin so that you can react and correct the problems you are having.

Acne Products

Chemical based products for the skin do contain chemicals like Isopropyl, parabens, synthetic fragrances and formaldehyde, and they will make their impact on the production levels of oil. To this list of chemicals we can also add MEA, DEA, mineral oil and SLS, or the sodium lauryl sulphate. These harsh chemicals will make your skin irritated and dry, but they can be found in these products since they are helpful to a certain extent. So it is not rare to see the acne problem aggravated due to the use of these products. Acne products of this kind will eliminate the skin's oil production along with the bacteria on the skin, and this is the reason why you experience dry feeling after the use of these products. When this happens, the oil production will be stimulated by the sebaceous glands so you will then have a layer of bacteria located on your skin and the glands will work excessively. So when you are getting acne products, look for an organic product that has chamomile, burdock root, green tea or aloe vera. There are so many natural ingredients, such as vitamin C, gingko biloba, black tea and bisabolol, which will not tamper with the oil layer, while the bacteria will be eliminated.

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