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Botox and Skin Care

Wrinkles are a problem that can be eliminated not only with the help of the Botoxand we will see which alternative options there are when this problem is in question.When we buy a product for the skin treatment, we look for the one which is efficientand does not produce a lot of side effects. This is a problem with Botox sinceit can cause serious side effects and thus many alternatives are becomingpopular in the skin care treatment.


The first alternative we will mention is collagen injection, which will efficientlyeliminate laugh lines, crow's feet and other deep lines. Also, lips can be madefuller with the help of this procedure. This is a much safer procedure thanBotox but it can cause infection and allergic reactions. Skin produces collagennaturally and when we enter certain old age, wrinkles and other skin problemsappear because the skin loses the ability to produce collagen. Chemical peel can also help with the skin issues. It can correct wrinkles andfine lines by removing the surface skin layers. This is done with the use of achemical mixture, which is also effective against irregular pigmentation, agespots and sunspots. Some say that the risk of skin cancer can be reduced bythis procedure. The face area is where chemical peel is most effective, but itcan be applied on any region of the body. This procedure is associated with theswelling, peeling and redness, and the severity of these problems is determinedby the depth of the peel.

Next possible alternative to Botox is max LED skin rejuvenation, which is arelatively new technique. Wrinkles and fine lines appear on our skin due to the loss of skin elasticity and this occurs due to damage, stress pollution andmany other factors. The signs of aging can be prevented with this technique, whichuses several light wavelengths to correct the skin problems. The production ofcollagen is stimulated by the LED treatment, but you will have to be patient tosee the results. Also you have to know that the effects of the treatment may lastseveral months.

The last alternative is Juvederm. It uses a special gel, whichis injected in the skin and causes it to puff up, thus leading to long-lastingeffects. The injected substances are naturally produced by the body and are nottoxic as the Botox injections. There are three forms of Juvederm available, andwhich you will use depends on the problem. Deep skin folds and increase ofvolume of the lips is done with the use of Juvederm 30, while crow’s feet andfine lines are corrected by Juvederm 18. The third form is Juvederm 24, and itis used for forehead creases and glabellar lines.

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