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When we say addiction, it does not have to be associated with alcohol, illegal substances or any questionable activity. Just about anything can lead to addiction. In the following lines we will talk about the addiction and the means we can shake it off. You have to lead a healthy life and if you want this to happen, you have to eliminate every kind of addiction you might have. Be sure that the steps we will show you can make you lose every addiction but they are very difficult to accomplish. They will demand a lot of work, bur you will be able to achieve this and lead a better life in the future.

Breaking it Off

The journey begins with the admittance of the problem. You have to identify the problem, like pornography, gambling, pain medicines, alcohol, chewing gums, shopping, and start from here. You have to admit you are an addict, no matter the type of addiction. Take a piece of paper and write on it a sentence “I am addicted to….” and fill the blank spaces. Spend the following time thinking about your addiction and looking at the paper in order to prepare for the following step.

This step is very important and it is associated with the source of your addiction, so you have to find a reason for it. There are many factors that aid the addiction, such as power, control, escape from painful thing from your life or you simply feel much better due to the satisfaction of your addiction. There are numerous reasons, so find the one that is connected with your addiction. In the attempt to break off from the addiction, you will have to find the reason why you do it. You will never be free unless you find the reason for your actions and the emotions this addiction fuels.

The next step is the replacement of this addiction. This is the crucial step and the reason for your addiction will be the most important element of this part of the treatment. In order to explain better, we will illustrate an example. Insecure feelings or bad situation at your home may be the reason why you go and drink every night. Coping techniques are vital in this part of the treatment. You will be able to express yourself better trough painting, exercise, AA meetings, or some other activity and this will help you cope with the present situation. If you want to deal with your problem, you will have to get a coping mechanism. Motivation is the last step that will eliminate the addiction.

You will have to want the change regardless of your surrounding and support of friends and family. You are the most important piece of the puzzle. You will have to want the change in order to change. In order to eliminate the addiction, first realize you have a problem, find the source and replace it with a healthier alternative.

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