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There are two basic life hypotheses contained in the NLPcommunication model. The communication can be more spontaneous and easier if wealter behavior and make other changes in our character and these changes areconsidered vital for this agenda.

NLP Communication Model

The NLP communication model was invented by John Grinder and Richard Bandler.The relation between the internal and external body and mind situation is whatthis model explains. The happening or some event from the external surroundingsprovokes certain reactions and the NLP communication model is based on thesereactions. There are several types of reactions we exhibit, such as annoyance,excitement, pleasure, challenge and motivation. The reactions coming from ourfeelings are the most important part and not our emotions alone. As we havesaid, the surroundings provoke certain feelings and they lead to certainreactions. Our behavior will be improved and we will react much better with thehelp from the NLP communication model.

Exterior Procedures and Filters

There are several types of exterior procedures and they are gustatory (taste),olfactory (smell), kinesthetic (feel), auditory (hear) and visual (see). Theseare five basic human senses that influence the internal mind situations. When wereceive the external event, there are three processes that happen. They aregeneralization, distortion and deletion. We are unable to devote full attentionto the experience during the deletion process. We omit and overlook some dataautomatically. The reality can be misinterpreted and this happens during thedistortion process (like how we react once we notice something sudden, suchas snake on the road, which we later detect as a rope and feel embarrassed about).This occurs since we connect this experience with one or two others in the pastand make a conclusion.

The conscious mind can manage variety of information simultaneously and this iswhat communication model is based on. Due to this model, the relations ofmaters and memorizing capacity can be increased. There are five filters calledmemories, decisions, values, belief system and Meta programs, and our senses arebased on them. The surrounding causes certain effect on the human emotions andwe use these filters to determine the internal representation type. This leadsto a specific state and physiology type, which influences our reaction. Representationof us and our reactions are greatly influenced by the experience, according toNLP communication model. There is another programming, like Neuro LinguisticProgramming, which will help you to shape emotions and thought and aid us in influencingpeople via our actions and shapes.

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