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The following text will discuss about the problem called hypertrophic scar and the treatment of this condition. We will see which treatments can provide benefits when this problem is in question. The condition we are talking about in this text occurs when the area of the skin stands apart from the surrounding. The skin can suffer from high tension and this is one of the most common causes of the hypertrophic scars. This problem seems to prefer people with dark skin tones. Once the problem occurs, the person will suffer from stiff, raised, reddened, swollen and puffy skin area, which is sometimes very difficult to eliminate since the problem may reappear. This is an issue that makes the treatment relative and limited. But after some time, the scar can be eliminated after even a year. Sometimes even this period of time will be needed for the scaring to decrease in size. Also, the problem may become less noticeable if the treatment causes the scar to become lighter in color. We can advise you to observe the scar and see if it can decrease on its own and without any treatment. The condition we are talking about can sometimes cause itchiness and increased sensitivity of this skin area.


Conservative methods of treatment are the first treatment option. These scars are usually treated with steroid injections, which can be administered even four to six weeks. This treatment option can be beneficial, but the results will need time to appear. However, once they appear, it will mean that the scar will become smaller and lighter in color.

Natural Remedies

For eliminating the hypertrophic scars, you can also try using cocoa butter, cod liver oil, Aloe Vera gel, vitamin E oil application, lemon juice, cucumber juice, ice cubes, black gram or sandalwood paste. These are some of the natural treatments, but sometimes they will not give results. If this happens, the laser treatment is the next step. This will lead to the creation of new cells and collagen growth, causing the healing to start for the inside of the scar. But some side effects are associated with this procedure. Another treatment option is silicone treatments, which involves applying of the silicone sheets on the affected skin and exertion of pressure. The scar can be decreased by numerous applications of these sheets. Surgery is the last resort when treatment of hypertrophic scars is concerned. Anesthesia is used for this procedure, which removes the scar completely. Silicon oil or gel should be used by patients after this surgery. There are some side effects associated with this surgery and they are scar recurrence, pain and infection. Some additional surgeries may be required, but this will make the healing last longer. And remember that the treatment of these scars usually depends on the age of the scar. While old scars and difficult to treat, the younger ones are much more easily eliminated.

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