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The name verruca is connected with warts and these warts can beproduced on any part of the human body. There are many reasons for theircreation, but the most common cause is a virus which enters the upper regionof the skin and produces and infection. The virus which causes verruca is namedverruca virus, and it is transferred incredibly easily, so be careful whenhaving this problem especially since it can expand to other areas such ashands and feet. When it comes to the problems that this condition one may create the most common symptoms which includes black dots, created bybleeding blood vessels in the center area of the verruca. Warts can be createdduring the night and disappear in the morning, andusually there is one big verruca surrounded by a number of smaller ones.

Children are even more easily affected by this condition. But they are eliminatedmore quickly after several years. This period of elimination is much longer in adults. Alsowhen pain is concerned, it can be great if the location of the verruca is onthe weight bearing spot. Treatment is very difficult since this problem canbe persistent. There are many different treatments available. We will say a fewwords about the treatment at home. It is important not to touch verruca, putwaterproof plaster on the wart, do not walk barefoot, be careful when usingpreparations with salicylic (it can destroy cells) and apply emery board on thespot every day. If this does not help you will have to visit podiatrist and thetreatment that he will suggest includes homeopathic remedies, since natural remediesfor this condition are possible, and showing you what to do at your home toreduce the pain. Caustic therapy which consists of putting extremely strongchemicals which will eliminate the verruca, padding – which shall decrease thepressure on the wart, or cryotherapy (when extremely low temperatures are usedto destroy the troubling verruca) may also be suggested. And even if thesetreatments are not successful, podiatrist will send you to the dermatologist.There are some ways by which the problem can be prevented. You will have to besure that the condition is not spread, if somebody from your household hasverruca. Always clean everything this patient has touched and everybody shouldwear something on the feet. This advice will need to be followed in theoutdoors too. Never leave your house barefooted, since the virus can becontracted just anywhere.

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