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Panic disorders may be a great problem for some people butwith only eight sessions of CBT, or the cognitive behavioral therapy, thisproblem can easily become a distant memory. Agoraphobia is one problem that can be eliminated successfully with the use of this method, in combination with the neurolinguistic programming, or the NLP. We will talk amore about these two methods.


Anxiety is nurtured by thinking patterns and with the helpof the cognitive therapy at NLP and CBT Hearts, we can detect these thinking patterns and alter them. We all have negative thoughts but when we think that they aretrue, we feel anxiety. So the anxiety can be reduced if we find these beliefsand reduce them.

Some situations may cause anxiety and the behavioraltherapy exposes us to this situation until we stop fearing it. This is donegradually and these activities are done in the community with the providedsupport. Between the sessions, there are cognitive techniques that can be veryhelpful and thus learned. You have to practice them so that you can use themand get the best from them in fearing situations. Panic will be eliminatedonce you become experienced in these techniques. Practicing will have to be done between the sessions and one of them is journalof beating panic, where you will mention how you are fighting with panic, which will give you the power to fight anxiety and panic. The use of anchors andother coping techniques will be provided by the therapist and they will have tobe practiced as well. The Communication Model Clients will teach you a language, which helps you feel safe, confident and panic free. Our brain encodes the experiences from ourlives and with the NLP change techniques NLP will help us understand this processand decrease and eliminate intensity of the past experiences in our memories.Coding of the unpleasant memory is possible and this will make the unpleasant memorybecome pleasant. Submodality work with the therapist will help you achievethis. Associations between the emotional or behavioral response and the externalstimulus are called anchors. They occur naturally because our brain tries tofind patterns in our surroundings and make sense from everything. We can make negativeassociations so experience fear when going to a store, for example. Butthere is a way this can be overcome with a link with the emotional state. Thisis done with the use of an external stimulus, mostly touch or sound. So we canstore positive emotional states and call on them in the time of need. Also,negative anchors can be eliminated in total.

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