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Reiki is a spiritual discipline developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. The core of this teaching is the use of palm healing, where the reiki master transfers the healing energy of ki through the palms to the recipient’s body. In traditional Chinese culture and medicine, ki is the living principle of all living beings. It is often translated as energy flow or the life force. Reiki practice has a couple of degrees: the first, the second and a master degree. On a second degree, reiki practitioner can heal the others even distantly, using the symbols. Some of the most powerful symbols can be used only by the masters who are also able to teach others to Reiki. Here are five of the most frequently used reiki symbols.
Cho Ku Ray
This is the Power Symbol that represents the union of man and god. It is typically used to improve the power of reiki healing, since it collects the energy from the environment, from the universe, which can be focused on a specific goal. The practitioner uses this symbol over the recipient, and silently calls the name of the symbol three times. This symbol is great for cleaning the negative energies, for spiritual protection and for improving the vital energy in food, water, medicines, or in sick rooms and hospitals.
Sei Hei Ki
This is the mental and emotional symbol that again represents the union between the human and divine. This symbol works great for emotional healing and soothing of the mind. It offers great psychic protection and balances both brain’s hemispheres. Some practitioners use it in treatment of addictions and to help overcome past stressful events.
Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
This is a distance symbol that represents the god and promotes enlightenment and inner piece. This symbol is used only by more advanced practitioners of the second and master stage. It is used for treatment over a special and temporal distance.
Tam A Ra Sha
This symbol is a balancing factor that is used to ground and balance the energy in the body, food, or other objects. In humans, it removes the obstacles for energy flow and tunes the chakras. This symbol can reduce or even completely cure the pain.
Dai Ko Myo
This is a special symbol reserved only for the masters of reiki. It is also the most powerful of all reiki symbols. This symbol can heal the soul and bring it close to the enlightenment and piece. Masters can use this symbol on their students to help them become more intuitive and psychic.

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