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Energy is used during the Reiki healing sessions for meditation, thinking positively and healing. This technique, originating from Japan, is very popular around the world and America. There are several levels that you can obtain during Reiki and those are Reiki level 1, which you get when you start with this training, level 2 and the Reiki master, which is the highest level and when you obtain it, you can train other people and perform the healing therapy.

Reiki Joys

This practice is sacred, which why anybody who wants to practice it needs to have the highest respect for this practice. You can experience benefits only if you do this. The main benefit is the healing touch but there are others, like feeling of peace, satisfaction with your life, activating the potential of an individual and guidance in life. Reiki training courses are another joy you may experience but only when you reach the last level, when you become a Reiki master. When you get to this level, you will be able to heal your family members, friends and you will even be able to teach people about the Reiki and this way of life. Satisfaction will be experienced when you start teaching your students about the use of energy for healing and aiding people looking for alternative solutions for their health conditions. Joy of Reiki is a connection that you are your students will experience among yourselves.

Becoming a Reiki Master

In order to become Reiki master you will have to follow three steps. The first step involves opening your mind and heart to this sacred practice. Open heart and open mind are crucial for this practice, not only if you are trying to get to the final level, but also if you are trying to complete the level 1 and 2 only. Your aspirations towards this practice must be great and if you want to teach it to other, you also need to have aspirations towards teaching. Second step is the join different classes of Reiki. These are classes for the level 1, 2 and the last, master level. If you want to become a Reiki master, you will have to undergo all of them. One sitting will not be enough to learn everything.

Healing centers with Reiki training or Reiki schools are places where you can get more familiar with this sacred practice. The last step involves finding a Reiki master who can teach you and with whom you are comfortable to learn the ways of Reiki from. You should see if the master who will train you suits you so it is good to have one or two sessions just to try out and see how it goes. If the master does not suit you, you should find other Reiki master. You will have to be an apprentice for at least 12 months and during this time, you will have to spend approximately 10,000$ for the training.

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