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Is there scientific evidence that healing gemstones and Reiki can increase a couple's chances of conception? No, but there is no scientific proof that they cannot, either. Here is what to expect from "energy" treatments such as gemstones and Reiki in your efforts to get pregnant. Natural gemstones have been used for thousands of years as an enhancement of chances of pregnancy. In Ayurvedic medicine, a skilled practitioner would diagnose the health of the seven energy centers known as chakras, and then recommend colors to increase or decrease energy as needed.

Since most people who are reading this article are not practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine and cannot make an assessment of whether a chakra needs to increased energy or decreased energy, a more appropriate use of gemstones is as a focus of attention. Simply choose a gemstone that you like. Wear it. When you look at it, think of the love you intend to impart to your child. This may not increase your chances of getting pregnant. Then again, in some very complex way, it actually might. (For instance, a woman who has PCOS might better remember to stick to her diet for lowering testosterone levels.) There is no downside to fertility treatment with gemstones, however, if they are not used to replace other needed interventions. Reiki is described as an intelligent, universal life force energy that can be directed through esoteric symbols by Reiki practitioners to those in need. The symbols used by Reiki practitioners are usually, but not always, a closely guarded secret. Some Reiki practitioners, however, do not use any symbols at all.

Because Reiki is such a popular modality of alternative healing, it has been subjected to scientific scrutiny. Over 690 published scientific studies have considered the merits of various forms of Reiki practice in treating an astonishing range of conditions. Danish researchers have found that the interaction of the Reiki practitioner and women who have suffered sexual trauma, whether or not due to the Reiki energy itself, results in generally greater fertility. Professors of medicine at the University of Copenhagen have also used Reiki as a "vibratory treatment" in men who have trouble ejaculating due to spinal cord injury, also increasing male fertility. Whether or not the benefits of Reiki can be scientifically explained, they seem to be real and reliable. Like the use of gemstones, there is no downside to Reiki treatment by prospective parents who also avail themselves of medical techniques, and the emotional comfort achieved in Reiki sessions can greatly increase quality of life during the ongoing stress of trying to conceive.

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