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Crystal Therapy Overview

Alternative healing technique that uses crystals to improve health and balance in a person is known as crystal healing. Like with any other alternative therapy, for success of crystal therapy it is necessary that the person believes in healing properties of crystals and concept of crystal healing. Therefore, crystal therapy relies on the spiritual realm for the healing and does not work like conventional medical therapy.

Crystal healing has been used throughout history. Ancient people used different crystals and gemstones for different purposes. The oldest record of use of healing crystals was found on Egyptian papyrus. Ayurveda, traditional Indian medical system, also reports healing properties of precious stones. Ancient Chinese and ancient Greeks also attributed health benefits to crystals and gemstones.

Principles of Crystal Healing

Practitioners of crystal therapy, also known as crystal healers, claim that every living being has number of spinning vortexes of energy known as chakras in their bodies. Chakra energy systems are related to physical, emotional and mental level of existence. In a healthy person, chakras are spinning without hindrance. On the other hand, blocked chakras can result in different ailments where healing crystals and gemstones can help to remove the obstacles that prevent proper motion of the energy centers.

Crystal healing belief system also claims that every living organism has the energy body known as aura. Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body, which emerges from the chakras. Utilizing healing crystals and gemstones for healing can help to balance chakras and enhance the aura of an individual.

Healing Crystals and Chakras

Healing crystals have the ability to alter vibrations of each chakra in the body. Every chakra as well as healing crystal has its own color and frequency. The energy of specific chakra can be transformed by placing specific crystal on the corresponding part of the body.

Different healing properties are attributed to each healing crystal. For instance, jasper also called bloodstone helps to energize blood cells by channeling oxygen to the blood stream. Jasper is related to the root centre or muladhara chakra. This stone is believed to have power to enhance intuition, creativity and spiritual balance.

Quartz crystals are considered as powerful energy source that can improve overall health and disperse negative energy. The rose quartz crystal known as the love stone helps to balance emotions, enhance self-confidence and improve kidneys and circulatory system functions. It is associated with the heart chakra.

Moonstone is a feminine stone and represents the Mother Goddess. It is used to balance emotions, enhance intuition, promote fertility and treat menstrual disorders. Moonstone is related to the heart chakra.

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