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More about reiki massage therapy
Reiki therapy is actually a type of therapy in which a reiki practitioner absorbs the universal life force energy and channels it into the patient whose health needs to be improved, as well as well-being. This channeling of the energy actually has a positive effect on the process of healing. This universal energy or reiki can be administered either in-person or from a distance, which means that the person can receive the energy even without the direct contact with the reiki practitioner. As for reiki massage therapy, it is actually a combination of reiki and massage, and it is performed by reiki therapists who are trained in massages as well.
This kind of massage begins from the head and seven chakras of the human body are also involved. It consists of rubbing or kneading various body parts, and it is said to be perfectly safe, without any side effects or injuries possible. It can be used for mental or physical healing, and a number of different diseases and disorders can be treated with this kind of therapy. For those who are considering undergoing this kind of therapy and who are not sure what to expect, it might be useful to know that people generally describe their experience as some warm or tingling sensation, although there are also some who claim that they feel more balanced and relaxed afterwards. However, supposedly, those who are not willing to receive the energy cannot benefit from reiki massage therapy.
Positive effects of reiki massage therapy
Regarding the people who can benefit from reiki massage therapy the most, among them are certainly those who suffer from the conditions characterized by pain in the muscles, tension, pain, and lock-jaws. Those who are under stress and tension, as well as those who have some injury that needs to heal can also benefit from this kind of therapy. Aside from them, people who want to balance the energies in their bodies, as well as organs and glands can also benefit from reiki massage therapy. Toxins can be removed in this way, pain can be relieved, and the immune system can be improved by undergoing reiki massage therapy. Besides all this, creativity and positive thinking can be promoted, and what might also be useful is that blocked or suppressed feelings can be released with the help of reiki massage therapy. This all implies that this hundreds of years old technique might be worth giving it a try.

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