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Living healthy is one of the things we do not think much about until our health is endangered and certain steps have to be taken. But, what should be done at these moments? Most of people will schedule an appointment with their doctor, which is always recommendable. But, there are those who will try to do something on their own, before visiting a medical expert. What are the options for those who are not fond of going to a doctor at the first sign of a trouble?

Medical solutions

Modern, western civilization promotes its own way of healing, which includes medicaments, surgeries and all sorts of instruments, analysis and therapies. This type of medicine is mostly used today, but there are also some other forms of medical healing, those that are not based on science. Instead, they turn to the spiritual and to the inner healing that supposedly exists in all of us. This type of healing can be found in each corner of the world and is still used today in spite of the effective solutions offered by western medicine.

Reiki technique

When we talk about the alternative medicine methods, we have to mention reiki. What is reiki healing system all about? It is about channeling the energy and using it for healing. Reiki session does not last longer than an hour, an hour and a half, and the patient is lying down while reiki practitioner is positioning the hands all over the body. It is said that reiki heals completely an entire organism and that includes the problematic medical issue, too. Even though it has been said that many conditions can be eliminated with reiki, it has to be clear that terminal conditions cannot be affected by this method. All that can be achieved is some relieving of pain, and perhaps some mental preparation for what is inevitable.

Reiki should help with many conditions, those based on both physical and mental problems. Also, it can be used as a sort of prevention of some medical issues. Originally from Japan, reiki has been spread all over the world, finding a lot of popularity in the US. When, it comes to learning reiki, there are only two ranks in reiki system, master and student. No special instruments are needed for getting to know reiki, only will to learn and apprehend something that is a bit different from what we are used to.

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