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Pranic healing facts

Information on Prana

Pranic healing is one of the most interesting forms of alternative medicinal therapies. The masters of Pranic healing insist that this method of alternative medicinal therapy does not have any intentions to replace the traditional ways of medicine. It has a tendency to complement all the traditional methods of traditional medicinal therapy. Pranic healing is based on the principle that the human body can cure or heal itself all on its own, so this is what makes it so unique. Pranic healing is in existence for numerous centuries. It has been used ever since the beginnings of the ancient civilizations of China and India. Over time, Master Choa Kok Sui has revived the principles of this therapy and popularized them on a global level. Master Choa Kok Sui was the founder of the modern version of Pranic healing, and before he gained popularity he was actually a chemical engineer by profession. The basics of Prana rely on a belief that there is an invisible force or energy inside each and every human body which is responsible for the overall health of the person. Prana is actually this invisible energy contained inside the body. The word is derived from Sanskrit, and it is also referred to as Rua in Hebrew, Chi in Chinese, Ki in Japanse, Mana in Polynesian and Pneuma in Greek. The three main sources of Prana are ground, sun and air. Prana is the fourth element which is achieved once a regular mediation takes place. The air Prana comes from the surrounding air and it gets absorbed through the lungs and certain energy centers in the body which are referred to as chakras. It can also be absorbed through the pores which are located in the skin. The ground Prana comes from the soles of the feet and it is supposedly very efficient in increasing the working and thinking capabilities of a person. The water Prana can be absorbed from the ground, air and sunlight, as well as from ingested foods, water and other sorts of beverages.

How Exactly Does Pranic Healing Work?

Pranic energy is supposed to influence reactions in the body and by doing so to heal all the different types of ailments in the human body. Prana provides the person with personal energy and enhances the self healing powers of the entire body. Only certified Pranic healers can provide a person with such healing.

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