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The state of spiritual emergency comes after a sudden feeling of experiencing levels of awareness and energy transformation that are not easy to understand. When this happens, a person feels particularly sensitive, vulnerable, fragmented, confused and even fearful of the incoming stimuli. During such states, the person can even disregard basic self care and completely immerse into the new psychological state. As these situations can be vary traumatic and not so easy to understand so some people are in need of assistance in getting through this transformation.

The spiritual transformation is also referred to as the Kundalini awakening, and it can mark a crucial turning point of a person's life and consciousness. The process is very personal and the symptoms vary from intense physical symptoms to emotional and psychological symptoms. The newly obtained energy can sweep through the whole psychological and physical system of a person bringing new revelations and resolutions. These changes cover all the layers of a person and happen across physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

There are 7 categories of the Kundalini awakening established which follow the whole process. The first is the Pranic movement with a manifestation of great physical energy clearing out physiological blockages by a constant flow of energy bringing up long lost experiences and memories, accompanied by forceful intense jerking movements of the body. The second is the Yogic phenomena where individuals perform yogic postures and hand mudra gestures which they do not know in the normal state of consciousness. The can also produce Sanskrit words or find themselves hearing ancient mantras or inner music. Breathing disorders are also normal, ranging from shallow or deep breathing to no breathing at all. The third category are the physiological symptoms generated by the awakening, and those are: heart problems, pains in head and spine, nervous problems and gastrointestinal disturbances but also physical sensations like burning oversensitivity to sensory input hyperactivity or lethargy great variations in sexual desire or spontaneous orgasms. These symptoms can be erratic and uncontrollable, appearing all of a sudden and not reacting to any kind of medical treatment. The fourth is psychological upheaval, because the Kundalini directly challenges the current consciousness and psychological system. This produces a period of disbalance and confusion, where people feel like on an emotional roller coaster with feelings of anxiety, depression and love, compassion and joy changing from one to another suddenly. The fifth are the extra sensory experiences where people experience phenomena outside the conscious reality, such as manifestations of lights, entities, symbols, voices and music, scents of rose or incense. Loss of feeling of the body or feeling disproportionately and disoriented. The sixth are the psychic phenomena like telekinesis, precognition and telepathy, awareness of auras and healing abilities. The seventh category are the mystical states of consciousness where the person shifts into an altered state directly perceiving the unity of all things in life and can be so strong that it induces a psychotic episode. This can be confused with episodes of psychosis, mania, depression, schizophrenia and treated with medication which is a very bad method for this state.

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