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Reiki Therapy

The following lines will be dedicated to the healing therapy called Reiki. Two words make up this term and they are Rei and Ki and they mean Universe's healing energy and energy within. So when we take a look at the meaning of these words, we can assume that this therapy uses the healing energy of the Universe and transforms it into the energy within. The process of channeling the energy with the hand laying is one of the most common ways in which Reiki therapy is performed. This means that a Reiki therapist will use hands which will receive the energy from the Universe and also send the energy to the body of the recipient. Healing by use of eyes and over the long distances are other possibilities and they can be achieved with the use of few higher methods of Reiki healing.

How Does It Work?

Energy is a part of every single matter in the Universe and this includes non-living and living things. The source of the positive energy is earth and this is an unlimited source. Energy among human beings can be located in seven energy Chakras which are responsible for the certain functions and aspects of human life in several ways. If we list them from bottom to the top they are Sacral, Lower Belly, Upper Stomach, Heart, Throat, the Third Eye and Head (or the Crown). The body can suffer imbalance caused by the blockage of the energy flow between the Universe and the mentioned Chakras. The Head Chakra is used during the Reiki therapy. Energy is channeled by this Chakra and then the Reiki practitioner uses its hands, which are filled with energy, to send it to the recipient by touch. In this way, spiritual, mental and physical issues can be eliminated.

The individual called Mikao Usui is the Buddhist from Japan who invented this therapy. The result of long-lasting fast, prayer and medication was the unique healing method he created and called Reiki therapy. This therapy is not popular in every region of the world and so there are many masters who practice this method. What you need to look for if you are thinking to visit one of such masters is the lineage of learning. This implies that you need to see who was the teacher of your master and so on. There are three levels of Reiki therapy and each will get you one Attunement given by your master or teacher. Healing process will be improved with the use of different symbols and techniques you will learn.

Learning at home is not an option since you get attunement after each level and learn new techniques and symbols in each level. But you can teach Reiki to other students if you finish all three levels. Since this therapy is based on a healing touch, a lot of criticism has been thrown in the way of this therapy. But it is managing to beat them since it is present in the world for so long. Many positive feedbacks were noted by the people who eliminated their problems, from headache to cancer, with the help of this therapy.

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