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When it comes to obesity, we can freely say that there are literally hundreds of methods that people use to deal with this problem, and the solution is actually quite simple. Eat less, work out more. That ''less part'' does not mean starvation, and that ''more part'' does not mean physical exhaustion. Far from it – mild exercises with elimination of junk food and voila - fat is lost. This is not something that might happen in a week, or two, or three, but after a couple of months of healthy living and eating, results will be quite visible.

Losing weight

What does losing weight effectively actually mean? It means that once extra pounds are gone, they are gone for good and there will be no returning when the diet is over. And unfortunately, that usually happens with diets. They are great in a short term run, but when diet is over, pounds return. How does this happen and how can it be prevented? This usually happens because people generally do not like diets and eagerly await the end of it, in order to start eating the way they used to, thinking that extra pounds are gone. To prevent this, some things have to be done in order to stop people from starting with bad habits again. Foods to control appetite might be used here in order to reduce the hunger when it strikes.

Food that helps

First food or we can say drink that can be used is water. Water is the major element that our bodies consist of and therefore, drinking moderate amounts of water cannot harm us in any way. Quantities have to be moderate, not too big, in order to avoid provoking the increase of the intestinal diameter. Mentioned diameter is another factor that causes swelling of the stomach, making us look even larger than we actually are.

Vegetables are the next food type that can be eaten in large quantities without any risk of getting fatter. Many vegetables almost do not have any calories, cabbage for example, and are perfect for filling the stomach when hunger strikes.

Fruits can also be considered a good food that can control appetite, apples especially. They have low calories, they keep us awake, they contain many vitamins that are good for us and they are very cheap.

It is good to know that you can still eat a lot and still lose weight. Of course, this means that mentioned cabbage should be prepared as a tasteful meal, which requires time and skills, but that is a small price comparing to what we get from that meal.

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