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Germany is a well-known country for its healthy and various dishes. We are not aware of the fact that many of the American foods have roots in German kitchen. There is a prejudice that Germans eat only sausage and drink only bear, but people who visited Germany can reassure you, because the Germans have a lot more to offer. If you don’t have the opportunity to visit Germany, you can visit German restaurants and try some of their delicious specialties.

German meals

Most Germans for breakfast have bread, toast and bread rolls that are eaten filled with all kinds of jams or eggs. For beverages they usually drink black coffee or tea, while children, of course, drink milk, or cocoa. They also have meat on their table for breakfast and it is usually deli meats. Lunch is their biggest meal and it takes place at noon. The tradition suggests that dinner is smaller, but nowadays people prefer to have smaller lunch and a bigger dinner to enjoy in. Side dishes are an important part of a German meal, and noodles are the most popular one. Other side dishes that are consumed are potatoes and dumplings.

Drinks and dessert

Every German likes to consume beer over its meal, and the most famous beer brands are Pils and Lager. It is interesting that almost every region has its own type of beer. Vine is also widely consumed in Germany, particularly white vine. When it comes to sweets, one can choose from a vast number of cakes and tarts. Filled with fresh fruit, they can really tackle your palate with a splendid taste. Pudding is also widely consumed and the most popular ones are "Rote Grütze" and "Grüne Grütze".

Now we are going to inform you about chief constituents of German food. Meat and fish are an inevitable part of every family lunch. The meat that is consumed in Germany is pork meat, beef and poultry. A lot of families make their own sausages from meat. Sea fish is becoming more popular in Germany, but fresh water fish has retained its place in German kitchen. Vegetables are preferred in the form of soups or stews, but they also can be side dish. The specialty is fried onions which are a side dish for many German meals. They are also famous for their six thousand different types of bread, which is eaten with almost every meal.

If you found any interest in this article, you can find recipes for German specialties in almost every cookbook.

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