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At the beginning, we will explain the reasons for performing the procedure called Colonoscopy. This procedure is very important so don\'t be frightened by it although it is an invasive procedure. If you are experiencing bowl movement change, blood coming out from the rectum, pain in abdominal area and considerable decrease of weight, the chances are you will need to have this routine procedure taken. One of the most important things for the success of the procedure is the preparation of the body.

Diet before the Colonoscopy is crucial because it cleanses the bowels and prepares them for the procedure. The procedure can help in detecting early stages of colon cancer. Colonoscopy uses a camera on top of a tube which is inserted through the rectum. As we have mentioned clear bowels are needed, so drinking laxatives will clear them after which a diet has to be followed. This diet is fiber free and includes items such as white bread, boiled chicken, eggs, cheese, fish, nuts, rice, fruit, vegetables, red meat and potatoes. Taking this diet four days prior to Colonoscopy will remove everything harmful from the bowls. This diet also prohibits supplements such as iron or in some cases solid food for two days before the procedure. We have to say again that bowls must be empty for the procedure.

If you are having Colonoscopy try to follow the advices on this page and from your doctor. Don\'t be scared by this diet. It only lasts for several days but the benefits could be excellent. The consumption of dyes is not advised, especially red and orange. Although liquids should be taken in great amounts some liquids shouldn\'t be consumed. Such are milk and products based on milk. We have stated what you should eat four days before the procedure and two days after the procedure. But on the one day before the procedure, you are not allowed to eat anything but one slice of toast bread and one boiled egg. This light meal has to be taken for breakfast.

Before the Colonoscopy, patients are given laxatives. Because of this they are given such light breakfast since bowls must be completely empty for the procedure. It is advised to take fluids hourly before the procedure because of dehydration which may be induced by laxative. Water, fruit juices, energy drinks, broth without fat, or tea and coffee with nothing in them can be consumed on every hour day before the Colonoscopy. At the day of the procedure, no food can be taken and even fluids are banned to drink several hours before the Colonoscopy. It is very important to have your intestines cleared because the procedure cannot be done if this diet has not been followed properly. Take your doctor\'s advice seriously.

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