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Everyone is different. Mental and physical state, the amount of spare time they have, the daily obligations they have the health, age, fitness level and gender will all play a part in deciding how to structure the training for a five kilometer run in six weeks.Distance Training In Six Weeks for a Five Kilometer Run

If you choose to train by using the distance running idea then you need to build up slowly over the six weeks. You don’t need to concentrate on the time it takes necessarily but the distance you are covering and improving each day and from week to week. Then when you have accomplished the distance you require and hopefully you will do this by the fourth week, you then need to combine hills into the equation. To use distance training you will need to be able to work out the actual distances you are doing. The First Three Weeks

In your very first week do just half a mile every day for three days and then have a rest day, try to jog the whole way but don’t overdo yourself. In the second week you can increase the distance slightly to one mile a day but the main aim in this week is to be able to run solid for a quarter of a mile minimum each day. For the next week again, up the distance to one and a half miles per day, working on the basis of three days work, one day rest. Half way Through the Training

As well as this you will need to try and run, not walk for a whole half a mile in the one and a half each day. The next week up your distance to two miles every day, three days in a row followed by a rest day and remember in your rest days, ice the joints to prevent any impending injuries. In the fifth week you will now be adding another half a mile so you will now be doing two and a half miles per day. In this week you should be trying to be running for a least a mile without a break. In the final week, week six, complete the more difficult training at the start of the week and up your distance to three miles per day and attempt to complete the whole distance jogging. The day before the big race day you must relax or go for a leisurely walk.

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