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The victory in the 5K race is the really good motivation for person to start training on time to transform himself/herself from the non-runner into a champion. Given that the people are different in terms of fitness, each potential runner in the 5K race should find and implement a training pace that suits him/her the most.

Training Programs

To become successful runner, 6 week training program is available to athletes. During this period it gradually intensifies and may be continued in the form of more serious training. If 6 weeks training is not enough, there is 10 weeks program of physical fitness which is enriched with tips for overcoming runner’s diarrhea.

If the runner chooses one of these programs, the most important is to comply with it completely to avoid possible injury and achieve success.

Race Day

On the day of the race, anything new should not get on the way which even assumes new shoes, clothes, food and drink. If the runner wants to enrich his/her training with something new, he/she needs to do it at least two weeks before the race.

Two to three hours before the race, it is advisable to eat light food poor in fat and fiber and rich in carbohydrates such as banana, oatmeal and cereals. Runner should recognize during training program what food provides him/her the most energy.

The most important thing a runner needs to do is supplying the body with enough liquids before the race because it is very difficult to drink while running. But it is feasible, if runner uses bottle with small openings that is easily clogged. In this way, a runner during the race takes a small sip, providing precious fluid to the body.

Lining up

During lining up runner should take a position to allow passage of other competitors if they would have been faster. It is important to emphasize that the first 5K race should be successfully finished no matter seemingly less capable runners still manage to beat novice runners.


When the gun fired the first group of runners leave the starting line freeing large amounts of adrenaline. However, soon set aside those who are not able to finish the race, running replace by walking and rapid and difficult breathing. This is due to improper training. To avoid this situation it is best to find a way of training and racing pace that best suits to specific runner. The ideal pace can be established by counting steps or listening to the favorite music and adjusting run pace with that favorite music beats. Also, running rhythm can be established by following monitor that shows heart rate and adjust rhythm to this beat.

All in all, finding the appropriate pace and way of training and its application on the day of the race is a unique formula that surely leads to success.

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