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Determine your goal

Determining the goal is essential. The goal may differ from person to person. Whether the goal is to finish in time, just to finish, to lose weight or just to have fun while running, every competitor has to find one. If you do not determine the goal, it is likely for you to give up, just as so many people who join health clubs, and then give up because they don't see expected results in a short time. Your goal needs to be motivating, but also realistic and you have to be motivated to accomplish it. This leads us to:


Mental stamina is very important thing in efforts to reach a goal. The motivation to begin training is much less than the motivation to endure and train every day. It is essential to find the way to stay motivated and to develop proper mindset. It is the only way for you to cross the finish line.

The right gear

Very important thing for a runner is wearing the right shoes. They are the most important piece of a gear. You need to visit one or more shops until you find the right pair of running shoes that suits you. Running shoes are designed for avoiding pain while running and they have to be as comfort as they can.


Every runner needs carbohydrates just like the motor needs fuel. During half marathon, your body will need a lot of calories. 65% of all calories should come from carbohydrates, 10% from protein and 25% from unsaturated fats. The proper nutrition consumption is essential for a good training and a good run.


Recovery days help you to build up strength, so take them as seriously as your running days. If you think that the more run, the more you will be able to run tomorrow, well, you're wrong. Rest a while.


When you run more than one hour, try to consume 6-8 oz. every 20 minutes. When you're in training process, try to weight yourself before and after the training. The majority of that weight difference you notice is the water you lost.


If you notice any soreness, ice it down and you'll minimize the chance of an injury. Use ice for 3-4 times a day per 20 minutes. When you're on a resting day, you rest.


Before even think to start with half marathon training, you should be able to run for half an hour. It is important that your body is used to running. This will minimize the chance of an injury and it will be a good start for preparations for half marathon run.


Increase the distance you run on a weekly basis for 10% at most. If you are able to complete 10 miles run three weeks before the run, there is good chance to complete run with no problems and avoid injury. In a final week or two, you should taper off and rest the body for a big day.

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