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Training for a half-marathon depends greatly on the level of the runner that is trying to accomplish this great physical feat.

It will also depend greatly on the individual and their gender, age, strengths, weaknesses, objectives, goals, and training facilities available to them.

It is important to note that every single athlete has different needs and that there cannot be one all-encompassing training program that will give the same results for everyone.

One of the more popular training programs is one that lasts 26 weeks and it is intended for a beginner that wants to complete the half marathon race.

This program also needs to be supported by strength training, nutrition, mobility and psychology programs, because just running is not enough. Training

Before the actual training starts, it is recommended to have a medical examination done in order to make sure that the person is in good health and capable of starting such a long and grueling training program.

The program is suitable for people who are training at least one and a half hours per week and have been able to run a 5 kilometer race in under 25 minutes.

If this is not the case, then a person is recommended to complete a six-month strength training program before starting the 26 week half marathon training program, in order to avoid injuries and giving up on it.

The best candidates for such a program are people who have run and or raced for many years and are fully aware of how grueling such a program can be, because it last for a fairly long time, which beginning may not be ready to dedicate themselves to at the start. A person who has participated in many different kinds of long distance races and has averaged running 35 miles or more a week over the last half year should be able to achieve this program. Also, people who have run shorter races and want new challenges will also be able to benefit from such a program, because the person will have to increase the intensity of their training and must be willing and eager to run faster and harder for longer periods of time and distances.

Everyone who is participating in such a program needs to fully understand the need for doing a long run, but many do not see the need to train for a shorter one as intensively. It is important to pick and choose what races will be run and to run a smaller number of races better instead of running a lot of races and not doing very well in any of them.

After the race is completed, it is of utmost important to take four or five days off and to increase the vitamin C and zinc intake.

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