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We will help you train before the 5 kilometer race. This is meant for those with not much experience, while for those whoexercise regularly, this plan may increase the motivation and bring some other benefits. If you do this, your body will be in much better condition and you may create some healthy exercising habits.


The first thing you will have to do before the training is to set your own goal. You will have to run how much you decide, but do not overstress yourbody, because this could lead to injuries. Just find a pace you are most comfortablewith, and go gradually towards your goal, no matter how much it takes. Do notstart this training less than six weeks before the race. The program will lastfrom six to twelve days, and it will have three exercising days and one resting day. This is the simplestplan, but there are some more elaborate for those in better shape. During thefirst day, run very hard. Distances should be short and the pace fast. Thedistance of quarter of a mile is used at the beginning, while over time, it willgrow longer. Second day consists of moderate running. Start with one mile, andslowly go towards the needed 3.2 miles. Third day is the slowest of all, and duringthis day, you should walk for two miles. This is done in the beginning, whilelater the distance will be 4 miles, which will help with the endurance. It isgood to mix running and walking. Try to run for 30 seconds and then walk forone minute. You choose how many times you will repeat this session. Muscletone, speed and endurance will be enhanced because of this mix. Strengthtraining is also the important. Running will be improved if you do them two orthree times during one week.

Remember that warming up before the exercising isvery important, because it will significantly decrease the chances of getting injured.Perform stretching for 5 minutes prior to the race. Also, do stretchingafter the workout, since it will help with the flexibility. Perform it in the following manner: do loungeposition, with one leg forward and the other back and strengthen yourhamstrings. Do this for 15 seconds. It is important to consume 200 to 400calories several hours before the race, because this will give you the strength and the food will go through your system by the beginning of the race. Becareful when exercising. Monitor your body for some signs of discomfort. Youcan avoid serious injuries if you do this. Many people have problem with nervousness.To avoid this, try to arrive at the location of the race some time before therace. Also, when you are running, the only thing which should be in your mindis breathing.

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