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Before starting a training program that is as intense as one for running a half marathon, a person must be aware of the fact that they must first possess a basic level of fitness.

If the person is over the age of 35, it is best to first see a doctor and to have a physical examination performed before dedicating one’s self to the training program.

If there are no major medical problems and the person is already fairly fit, there should be no problem to train themselves to be able to finish a 13.1 mile race.

A person should also be able to run at least three miles three to four times a week before starting such a program. It that will be a problem, then it is better to try a race that is shorter than the half marathon first and build the endurance up slowly.


Pace is a very important thing when training for such a long run. It is not important how fast the person runs during regular workouts. What is important is that the person is always running at a comfortable pace first. A good idea is to train with a friend that is of the similar level of endurance and speed. When doing so, two people can talk, which will make them not be able to speed up for no necessary reason and to run moderately during the while training program.

The distance that should be run in one session needs to be in between three and ten miles and cannot be any less if a person expects to finish a half marathon race.

It is best to pick a course through the neighborhood that is scenic and nice to look at, and does not have a lot of traffic and people that can get in the runners way.

The best way to measure the distance is traveling the route by car and seeing how many miles long it is.

Rest is also vital. It will make the person perform better when they are not resting and it will also decrease the risk of injuries.

It is important to run long runs when training and to increase the distances that a person is running as they develop endurance and get into better running shape.

Cross-training will also improve results. The best activities to combine with running include swimming, cycling, walking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and strength training in the weight room.

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