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Every basketball player needs to have a very healthy eating habits in order to achieve as much as possible out on the court. It must be noted that actually no food is bad food if it gets incorporated into the daily diet in moderate amounts. Even considering that, certain types of food need to be avoided as much as possible and those include saturated fats and refined sugars. It is highly recommended to ingest plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Good nutrition is the key to a superior performance on the basketball court. All daily requirements of specific nutrients should be obtained through the consumption of whole food, and the athlete should not rely on supplements that much. Those who want to increase their body weight can indulge in supplement taking a little more than usual. Ephedrine, creatine and certain other supplements that supposedly enhance one’s performance should be avoided because they may trigger certain harmful side effects.

Nutritional balance is one of the key factors of optimal physical development. The daily diet actually determines the levels of precious energy as well as the levels of body fat. By following certain dietary recommendations an athlete can easily reduce the levels of body fat or gain precious muscle mass, among other things.


A well balanced diet contains up to 20 percent of fat, up to 65 percent of carbohydrates and15 percent protein. An athlete should always eat different varieties of healthy food and the ingestion of sugar, fat and sodium should be reduced to a minimum. It is also highly recommended to ingest large amounts of water.

It is also a good idea to eat several smaller meals during the day. Foods rich in fat include nuts, fish and peanut butter. Those who need more protein can find it in lean beef, fish, muscle milk, turkey, tuna and low fat dairy products. Carbohydrates can be found in abundance in certain types of food such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruits, oatmeal, beans, vegetables and whole wheat breads or pasta. An athlete must be well hydrated at all times in order to increase the quality of the performance.

Temporary diets should be avoided because lifelong eating habits are much healthier. Eating before the game should be avoided or reduced to a minimum especially when it comes to fatty foods. Proper hydration is of utmost importance. Plenty of carbohydrates should be consumed as soon as possible after the game.

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