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People in their twenties usually think that there is still time for them to care about their skin because it is still young, fresh, glowing and elastic. However, it is the twenties that the first, although very subtle wrinkles and lines start to appear. At that age, the skin does not necessarily require intensive anti-age routine and products, but certain steps and tricks can be done to postpone the aging processes and to create a good base for longer lasting youthful look. The important thing is to learn which factors accelerate the aging processes and which products are suitable for the skin in the twenties.

Tips for anti-age skin care in the twenties

Exposure to sun is one of the major factors of aging. Not only it alters the skin’s tone and color, it also causes changes, which can be benign, such as freckles, or malignant, such as skin cancer. Everyone, and especially fair-skinned people, need to avoid excessive exposure to sun and to always wear a good sunscreen, with SPF of 15 or higher.

Quitting smoking and cutting down on alcohol consumption are also very important in prevention of wrinkles, lines, dull and dry skin. These products directly affect the skin, in a very negative way, and as soon as the body is free of them, the better.

Skin moisturizing

Another significant factor of aging is the lack of moisture, both from the inside and from the outside. The skin needs moisture in order to stay elastic, and if it is elastic, it is less likely to develop wrinkles. Therefore, proper moisturizing with lotions and creams from the outside and with the consumption of plenty of water from the inside are crucial steps in the prevention of signs of aging for people in their twenties.

Skin care for people in their twenties

The proper skin care for people in their twenties should always start with cleansing. The skin should be washed with mild, pH neutral soap and gently drued with a soft towel. Two or three times a week the skin should be scrubbed with a special scrubbing cloth or an exfoliating product.

The next step is moisturizing. There is no need to use anti-age creams in the twenties. A good moisturizing lotion with sun protection factor will do the trick. Moisturizing, just like cleaning, should be done in the morning and in the evening.

Making sure to get all the important vitamins, especially vitamin E, C and B complex vitamins, is another crucial step in the anti-age skin care for persons in their twenties.

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