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Neck pain relief

Spasm of the neck muscles, neck strain or shoulder pain can often result in painful sensations in the neck. Working in front of a computer screen for a long time and not taking a break, or even working at the desk sitting hunchback are frequently related to some serious neck pain. Sleeping on the stomach or without proper pillow support and different situations when your neck is twisted in uncomfortable position, watching the TV or lying and reading – these are all potential causes of neck pain. Neck injuries, damaged disks, arthritis or inflammation of neck joints can also provoke the same unpleasant condition. Stress, either physical or psychological, can also be accumulated in one’s neck, causing neck problems.

Meningitis is one of the possible medical causes of neck pain. If you experience neck pain, associated with headaches, high fever, vomiting and sleepiness, it high time to see your doctor and rule out meningitis as the cause of your problems. In some cases this condition is very harmful and may become a life threat if not treated in time.

What to Do about Neck Pain

Heat is not the appropriate treatment for neck problems, but cold. Ice packs are proven to be very useful for people suffering from neck pains. If you don’t have an ice pack near, you could always use some frozen peas or anything else from the freeze that can be easily adjusted to the painful location.

Jet streams from Jacuzzi can also be beneficial and reduce the swelling and pain in the neck.

When the pain is not subsiding after these home remedies you may need some chiropractic care, because the source of your pain might be pinched neck nerves. Chiropractic practitioner is able to un-pinch them and relieve your pain.

Don’t use OTC painkillers, such as Aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen for the pain from your neck, but contact your doctor or chiropractor if the pain persists.

Can You Prevent Neck Pain

Maintaining good posture is the best thing you can do for your neck and spine. Be aware of your posture while sitting, walking and even while sleeping, to prevent all troubles with the neck. Whenever sitting for a long period of time, get up and stretch at least once every hour. Your computer monitor should be at your eye level and every document you are looking at should be at the side of the computer screen.

For sleeping, opt for harder mattress and use a supporting pillow.

Driving a car improperly seated can also cause a lot of pain, so sit straight up and down. If the cause of your pain is talking over the phone for hours, get yourself a headpiece or use speakerphone.

Stress relieving techniques can help those having anxiety and anger problems, worries and frustrations that manifests as neck pain.

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