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There is a connection between the lower back support and thestrong abdominal muscles. Most people are aware that this connection exists butthey are not sure why and how. The pain associated with the lower pain is acomplex problem and before you start working out in a gym, you will have toconsult a professional medical practitioner who will tell you if this is safefor you. The following text will discuss about the mentioned connection.

Prevention of Lower Back Pain with Abs Exercises

The irritation of the cartilage will result in a lower back pain. This cartilageis located at the line with the facet joints, in the region between the vertebrae.The spine is cushioned by a certain disk, which is very different from thecartilage just mentioned, which provides the smooth movement without any pain. But the joints may become arthritic whenthe cartilage wears off and this is something that can happen to every jointin the human body. Lower back pain can be caused by the joint irritation andthis can be avoided with the help of the strong abdominal muscles.

Strong Abs

The lower back and pelvis can be stabilized by the strong abs. The abs can beweak and this results in more force absorbed by the weak muscles, making thelower back and pelvis unstable. The wearing off of the joints will be fasterdue to more absorption of the force. The spine can become hyper-extended, leading to lower back pain and this can be prevented with the abs. Also, goodposture will be supported. The lower back and pelvis will be stabilized and thespine's good posture can be achieved by the strong abdominal muscles. When wetalk about the ways of getting strong abdominal muscles, there are so many ofthem available and every physical therapist may give you different solution.The drawing-in maneuver is probably the most important thing to look for whenyou are starting with the abs exercises since it will activate the lumbarmultifidus, pelvic floor, transverse abdominus and other deep core muscles. Toget this maneuver done properly, you have to pull in the belly for 10 seconds.Do this ten times. Coordination of the core muscles can be a result ofsedentary lifestyle and this makes the lower back stabilization a difficultthing to achieve. Abdominal muscles can become strong with exercises such asplank exercise, crunches and other. You can get strong abs which willsupport your lower back and prevent the pain. Just include proper lifting andsitting techniques along with postal, lower back and flexibility exercises, andyou will get the results you have wanted.

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