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Back Pain

Pain in the back is the second most common reason, immediately after the headache, why people seek medical help.

Spine damage causes pressure on the spinal cord, nerves and muscles which results in pain. Back problems usually assume lumbar or neck pain. These pains are often accompanied by painful or tensed muscles and reduced or painful mobility. As a result of back troubles, pain in the legs and arms, accompanied by unpleasant muscle tingling may occur.

The first symptoms of back problems usually include uncomfortable feeling in neck and lower part of the back and the fatigue and muscle tension in those areas.

If these are the first signals that we send our spine, It may occur serious rheumatic diseases such as arthrosis, Fibromyalgia and rheumatic inflammatory disease. soon

Spine is vital to a human because of the following reasons: protects the spinal cord from the external impacts and injuries provides firmness and support to the bodyenables the proper peripheral nerves functioning the mobility and elasticity of the body depend on the spinespine carries the whole body weight

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain may be caused by mechanical changes in the vertebrae and discs due to injury or illness such as:Disc herniation is shooting outside layer of disc and prolapse of its soft tissues in the outer space. In this case the vertebrae are not placed properly which leads to uneven pressure on certain muscles and nerves, causing pain. Piriformis syndrome is muscle imbalance around the hip and pelvis, which provokes piriformis muscle, making pressure on the sciatic nerve. Scoliosis is a spine warp to the left or right side, causing the uneven muscles burdening. Spondylosis is the ossification of two or more adjacent vertebrae which causes reducing the elasticity and increases the pressure on the nerves or the spinal cord. Spondylolisthesis is the forward displacement of one vertebra in relation to the adjacent vertebra, causing pain. It is usually the result of injury. Spinal stenosis is the spinal canal narrowing which occurs due to an inflammatory or degenerative processes in one or more discs. It makes pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, causing pain. Preservation of spine health sometimes, unfortunately, requires physicians help, intensive medical care, physical and laser therapy, ultrasound massage, chiropractic and sometimes even surgery.

What to Do?

The best prevention for back pain is a regular physical activity. This means daily exercising of back and abdominal muscles and proper moving and doing various activities such as lifting and bending.

Proper breathing is of great importance. Namely, the muscles that allow breathing are responsible for proper posture. Breathing exercises strengthen these muscles and make them more flexible.

For a healthy spine best sport is swimming, as well as cycling and walking.

Proper diet and sufficient amounts of water are unavoidable factor in the treatment of all diseases, including the suppression of back pain. Sufficient protein intake increases muscle mass, and at least six to eight glasses of water a day will contribute to the health of disks between vertebrae.

If there are problems with body weight, the person should lose couple of pounds because they are additional burden to the spine.

The person who has sitting job, should go for a walk, go swimming or engage in any other sport in spare time instead watching TV.

Essential part of back pain prevention is definitely sleeping on a hard orthopedic mattress with flat surface which ensures the correct position of the spine.

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