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Incase, you are feeling a bit odd in the thigh region, or even experiencing mildaches, then you could be one of many who suffer from thigh pain. In order torelieve this discomfort and ward off the pain, first of all you need to determinethe type of pain, intensity and then the possible causes, which are to betreated with one of the fitting exercises. With this exercise, will get you backon the right track in no time.

ThighPain - Most Common Culprits

Therecan be many causes of your prevailing thigh pain, butthe following constitute a group of those most frequently occurring ones:

Culprit One: Osteomyelitis – condition which is characterized by the occurrence of the inflammation in the bone itself, and is caused by certain bacteria. The inflammation itself spreads initially in one part of the body and upon completing the spreading phase, the infection starts its journey through blood, until it reaches the other part of the body as well, and ends in the bone.Culprit Two: Septic Arthritis – this particular condition is followed by intense pain in the joint region and especially in the joints themselves. Aside from this pain, the person in question also often suffers from joint stiffness and joint discomfort.Culprit Three: Fracture of Femure Neck – this particular bone known as the femur (the bone which goes from knees to the hip) is considered to be one of the strongest bonds there is in our body. Thus, in order for it to break or even fracture, there should be present a great amount of force or pressure. In case this does occur, the person in question is surely to experience a momentary intense pain in the thigh.Culprit Four: Infected Lipoma – The lipoma refers to one particular type of tissue, which is situated in the thigh and “grows” into it. Luckily, these are not cancerous in nature, but unfortunately, they do induce a lot of pain and discomfort.


Themost frequently occurring thigh pain manifestations are the following:

intensehamstring acheupperthigh area burning sensationupperthigh numbnessshootingthigh painquadricepspainouterthigh area tightnessoccurrenceof pain when a person tries to stretch his/her leg

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