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Elbow Pain - Introduction

The elbow joint is the hinge joint which connects three bones, the humerus, ulna and radius.

Elbow joint pain is a characteristic of many medical conditions. The pain may be the mild or intensive, occur only during movements or be present all the time. It may also be located strictly to the elbow or radiate down the arm. The pain can significantly interfere in movements of the elbow joint. This is no good particularly for people whose profession requires proper functioning of all joints in the arm, particularly the elbow joint.

Causes of Elbow Joint Pain

There are many illnesses which feature with elbow joint pain and many factors which contribute to occurrence of the pain in this particular area. The most common cause of elbow joint pain is excessive pressure on the joint. Apart from the previously mentioned elbow pain may result from tendinitis, many injuries such as fracture or sprain and it can be related to certain illnesses.

In many people elbow joint pain is connected to tennis elbow also known as elbow tendonitis. This medical condition features with inflammation of the tendons that join the muscles on the outer side of the elbow. People suffering from tennis elbow experience pain and weakness in the wrist but there is usually no limitation of movement in the joint. Elbow joint pain also affects golfers. In this case tendons on the inner part of the elbow are affected by the process of inflammation.

Bursitis is one more cause of elbow joint pain. In elbow bursitis process of inflammation affects the bursa at the tip of the elbow and this type of bursitis occurs due to injury or trauma. It may be also a complication of gout and rheumatoid arthritis.

In cubital tunnel syndrome compression of the ulnar nerve typically leads to pain in the elbow. Furthermore, any kind of fracture of the bones which form the elbow joint cause pain and discomfort. Even bone tumors may be a cause of elbow joint pain. And finally, as it has been already mentioned sprain of elbow ligaments may be one more cause of elbow joint pain.

Treatment for Elbow Joint Pain

The treatment for elbow joint pain usually depends on the underlying cause. The pain may be alleviated by rest and reduction of all the activities which include movement of the elbow joint. To restrict movement the joint can be immobilized. In some cases hot or cold compresses help in reduction of pain. Intensive elbow pain can be relieved with anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone injections. In some cases patients undergo physical therapy.

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